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21. House Special Ginger Beef (Deep Fried) Spicy

Spicy. Crisp shredded beef with julienne vegetables, tossed in a house...
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27. Beef & Broccoli

Tender sliced beef wok tossed in a garlic soya sauce with broccoli.

22. Mongolian Beef Spicy

Spicy. Tender-sliced beef, wok-seared in a flavourful sweet and spicy ...
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29. Beef & String Bean in Black Bean Sauce

Tender-sliced beef and fresh green beans, wok seared in a succulent black...
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28. Beef Chop Suey

Delightful mix of sliced beef and fresh vegetables in a garlic soya sa...
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25. Beef with Ginger & Onion

Flavoured sliced beef, wok-tossed with aromatic ginger and scallions.
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34. Beef Stir-Fried with Chinese Broccoli

Wok-seared beef, served over lightly stir-fried Chinese gai lan.

31. Spicy Beef Szechuan Style Spicy

Spicy. Crispy fried beef, wok tossed in a delicious secret house sauce...

30. Beef with Black Bean Sauce

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35. Orange Peel Beef

35. Orange Peel Beef Spicy

Sliced beef, tossed in a sweet chilli sauce with sun-dried orange peel...

23. Beef with Curry Sauce Spicy

Sliced beef and vegetables stir fried in an exciting curry sauce.
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32. Lettuce Wrap with Minced Beef

Wok-tossed minced beef and vegetables served with lettuce.
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26. Beef & Tomato

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24. Beef with Satay Sauce

24. Beef with Satay Sauce

Sliced beef wok seared in a flavourful satay sauce with vegetables.

33. Boiled Beef with Assorted Vegetables