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63. Dry Garlic & Spiced Squids Spicy

Spicy. Lightly battered squid, wok tossed in a tasty garlic jalapeno s...
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60. Prawn with Black Bean Sauce

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69. Prawns & Squid with Black Bean Sauce Spicy

Prawns and squid wok seared with an aromatic black bean sauce.
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58. Dry Garlic & Spiced Prawn Spicy

Spicy. Crispy prawns wok tossed in a rock salt season with garlic and ...
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64. Prawn Chop Suey

Delightful mix of prawns and fresh vegetables in a light garlic sauce.
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57. Prawns with Cashew Nuts

Wok seared with vegetables in a light garlic sauce, topped with cashew...

70. Prawns & Squid with Chilli & Garlic Sauce Spicy

Spicy. Prawns and squid wok seared in a sweet-and-sour chilli garlic s...

54. Prawns with Chilli Sour & Garlic Sauce Spicy

Spicy. Savoury prawns wok seared in a sweet-and-sour chilli garlic sau...

65. Dry Garlic Spice Fish Spicy

62. Deep Fried Prawn

Sauce on Side.
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55. Szechuan Prawns (Dai Ching) Spicy

Savoury prawns, wok seared with chillies in traditional Szechuan style...
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61. Prawn with Curry Sauce Spicy

68. Boiled Fish with Assorted Vegetables Spicy

Spicy. Sliced codfish, dressed in tantalizing Szechuan peppercorn and ...

56. Prawns with Peanuts & Chilli Spicy

Spicy. Prawns wok seared in fiery chilli jalapeno sauce, topped with p...
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67. Mu Shu Shrimp

67. Mu Shu Shrimp

Mu shu shrimp served with hoisin sauce and warm Chinese pancakes for w...

66. Stir Fried Sliced Fish with Vegetables

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59. Prawn with Satay Sauce

59. Prawn with Satay Sauce